3 Ways To Personalise A Stained Glass Wedding Gift

Jar with etched balloons

A stained glass wedding gift is a perfect way of making your friend’s Big Day extra-special. Someone recently asked me if it was possible to create a panel from a photo of a couple on a lake.  It was a picture of the ‘groom to be’ proposing to the ‘bride to be’ and the woman wanted to make a piece just […]

How To Cut Stained Glass By Tapping

You can see from this video that the tapping method is extremely useful in certain circumstances. But what about the times that it’s not the best choice of technique? The tapping method is not good for: 1. Routine cutting and breaking. It is far better to use your thumbs or either cut running or grozer/breaker […]

Cutting Stained Glass By Tapping

When cutting stained glass do you use the tapping method to open up those stubborn score lines that don’t miraculously separate? If you add this skill to your cutting repertoire you will reduce glass wastage. Always a good thing! Here’s a short – less than 2 minute – video to get you started. In it I show […]

5 Things Stained Glass Saws Do Well

taurus ring saw with shapes cut out

1. cutting ‘difficult’ glass like drapery glass (it’s wavy like cloth and is of uneven thickness and doesn’t lie flat) 2. very thick glass 3. very small pieces of glass 4. cutting fused glass (glass that has been fired and melted together with another piece of glass). 5. shapes that are very very difficult or impossible […]